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Handmade girl drawing in Mango style for t-shirts

Mango Drawing for Shirts

This design is made by hand and retouched by Gimp and Inkscape to use on shirts and clothes. This item is designed in 4500×5400 ratio and available in PNG, XCF, etc. Are you looking for a design person/team who can deliver quality works for affordable prices? If you’re thinking about outsourcing your designs, feel free …

Handmade line art of a witch for tshirts

Handmade Line Art Design for T-Shirts

This design is made by hand and been ready for printing on shirts, hoodies, etc. The applications that are used to edit this item for printing are Gimp and Inkscape. This item is available in 4500×5400 ratio and PNG, XCF, etc. formats. Are you looking for an experienced designer to outsource your graphic projects? My …